Scavenger Hunt: An Easter Success

April 14, 2009 at 3:37 pm Leave a comment

The idea was simple enough; hide a special photo somewhere on SnapMyLife and let users try to find it.

Here’s the catch.  Rather than just dropping hints, we asked users to solve the riddle below and to use their answer as a guide throughout the photo hunt.

I am an Easter Egg…egg-blog

It’s dark but I am surrounded by light.  My cage has four bars.  Rings stain my surface.  Walk by me too fast and you might stub our toe.

Where am I?

This was our first attempt at creating a community wide game or activity other than simply uploading a photo.  The results were amazing.  We had a full list of 10 finalists come Monday morning!  Ten may not sound like much, but when the sheer number of steps (6+) and amount of critical thinking are taken into account, that 10 becomes astonishing.

With all of that said, have we stumbled upon something our users(you) may want to see become a regular occurrence within SnapMyLife?  An activity section could be in the works, but we want feedback from the community first.

So answer me this:  Would you regularly participate in community activities, whether they be scavenger hunts, riddles, etc?

If so, let your voices be heard on in the comment stream below.  We would love to hear your feedback.

Update: Congratulations to JimLynnO for winning the Easter Scavenger Hunt!


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